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Sonia Miller has created a life coaching model for people who, using the law of attraction, can integrate greater fulfillment in their lives. She now works primarily with women. However, she will also coach men that link to her via my web site.

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Is Mindfulness Right for Your Organization?

Part 3 of a Four-Part Series

So how does one learn and apply mindfulness in our work and in our lives outside our offices? There are two basic components of secular mindfulness: formal meditation while seated or walking and mindful practice in our daily activities. Each supports and reinforces the other.

When we practice seated meditation, we set up our posture and breath and learn how to let go of our thoughts.

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Is Mindfulness Right for Your Organization?

Part 2 of a Four-Part Series

Secular mindfulness dispenses with Buddhist forms and rituals and incorporates the findings of scientific and clinical studies of the impact of meditation practice on the brain of beginning and mature practitioners.


These studies validate earlier anecdotal reports of lowered stress, increased mental focus, and relief from anxiety and depression.

Recent studies collected by wellness consulting firms such as The Energy Project highlight the widespread disengagement from upper management down to workers on the floor. Even CEO’s are not exempt from this phenomenon.

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Is Mindfulness Right for Your Organization?

What would you say if you could find a lifeway which sharpened your focus, reduced your stress, lowered your blood pressure, enhance your sense of well-being and lowered your medical insurance premiums? Well, mindfulness meditation and practice is all the rage these days in our business, mental health, and educational communities. And gurus and start-ups are offering nirvana on a 12-month payment plan. It’s called monetization, folks!

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